OiL is short for “Open IoT Labs,” a co-working space hosted by Sensative for a couple of years. The co-working space is now incorporated as a part of the OiL FIWARE iHub and comes with automatic membership in OiL FIWARE iHub for the co-located companies.

FIWARE Foundation allows a consortium of public administrations, research organizations, and companies or just a single company to sign up for hosting a FIWARE iHub. Considering the adaption of FIWARE technologies in the Nordics still lacks some length, Sensative has taken the initiative to create an iHub as a vehicle for a more comprehensive promotion and development of FIWARE open source technologies in the Nordics. Yet, the long-term objective for Sensative is to create a Nordic regional consortium of FIWARE stakeholders and then hand over the hosting of OiL FIWARE iHub to such a consortium.

Should you represent an organization that would like to join in hosting OiL FIWARE iHub, Sensative would welcome such an initiative!

As we are still under development, a single email to the contact below will do.

The terms for organizational membership in OiL iHub are in development and will be released in autumn 2022. But, for now, we accept any individual representing an interested party free of charge, and anyone is welcome to participate in the planned events for the autumn.